I Am A Victim Thinking Will Not Bring The Desired Results

Expanded Success Formula
Expanded Success Formula
If you believe there are shortages of opportunities and wealth, then that is what you are going to experience. Do you think Google or Facebook thinks there are limits on building wealth? What about Apple and the turnaround story of Starbucks? Have you looked at what Koty Batemen has done with Send Out Cards? The people behind these success stories were not born into those successes.

I don’t know about you but nearly every week I see some story about people criticizing the Top 1%, promoting much higher minimum wage is the answer or how government should be doing more. All of that is the thinking of victims. There is nothing stopping nearly any of us from experiencing all of what we want.

I a previous article I presented my expanded success formula. In a nutshell we are well served by setting much bigger goals and taking massive action to achieve them. Click Here for that article that also includes my five steps to success formula.

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It does not matter if you have studied the Law of Attraction, believe in it or not. Look at your own life and evaluate what you have experienced. Look at those times you were “on your game” and not. How did you feel? Now take those experiences and decide do you want to create success in your life once and for all or not. That is what I am doing and a growing number of people I am connected with. Call me and let’s discuss how we might be able to help each other.

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Mastermind Series Part 2: The “Must Have” For A Successful Business

Every business development article, course, seminar, podcast, video that is on the topic of how to succeed in business starts with this advice: 

  1. Define your target audience
  2. Confirm they want what you have to offer
  3. Be certain they have the money to buy what you have to offer

Following that,  a meaningful portion of the material   proceeds to tell you how to implement those three steps. The remainder of the material then tells you how to attract your target audience to buy from you and how to make a profit doing all of that.

The reason all the training starts with those points is because they are foundation principles. While they are important, there are two attributes that are even more important than the three I have listed. As I considered both it became obvious that the second is impossible without the first being in place.  That one has been addressed in detail in a previous article titled: Your Level of Business Success is Linked to One Thing.  That on thing is that  you must be in alignment with the work you are doing. This article expands on that with additional ideas from Napoleon Hill.

Alignment is  not passion. Passion is often temporary. Passion is  easy to observe when the business is performing as planned and particularly evident when the business is performing better than planned. Passion often disappears when the routine sets in.  In particularly difficult situations, passion can reverse into anger or depression. When you are in alignment with the purpose of your business,  you have an awareness understanding and acceptance of business events and cycles. You also  have an awareness, understanding and acceptance  of life situations not always being that which you prefer.

That knowing  results in you staying the course when others may give up. That knowing results in you being confident in the outcome and being able to demonstrate leadership in all situations. That knowing results in you being in harmony with those close to you, employees and others serving your business regardless of the situations. 

In that short paragraph I listed the more common categories of people that we connect with to accomplish anything in business. At the heart of any business that flourishes for an extended period of time is a Master Mind.  Napolean Hill points out that: “Harmony is the nucleus around which the state of mind known as Master Mind must be developed.  Without this element of harmony there can be no  Master Mind, a truth that cannot be repeated too often.”

In review, a Master Mind is at the heart of every business that successfully progresses for and extended period of time. Harmony is the key ingredient of the Master Mind. When harmony fades the Master Mind is ended.  Being in alignment with the purpose of your business starts by having a clear definition of your own purpose. Then you are in a position to evaluate any business or opportunity and know if you are in alignment with it. 

Napoleon Hill writes about harmony being present in every successful relationship whether that be business or personal.  Now you have insight as to what is the foundation of harmony. 


Sharing with all my readers the energy of peace, happiness and abundance

Steve Pohlit
The Profit Expert

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25 People Will Dominate Their Niche With Social Media

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Steve Pohlit


Social Media Blueprint

A panel discussion of Social Media experts formed at a recent JV Alert conference addressed a question on the business of Social Media. A key point  made is that Social Media is a tool.

That excellent reminder serves as the starting point for this summary on How To Use Social Media to Start and Grow a Business. Social Media is a general term for community based Internet sites with the biggest ones being Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, and very fast growing ones like Twitter and LinkedIn.

Generally, my first response with a question like “how should I use Social Media?” is “what is it that you want”.  My business Manifest Mastermind guides everyone in our free course as well as paying members to begin with a clear definition of what it is that you want and  then they are asked why. 

Applying this to Social Media and using my own experience as an example, my initial goal was to understand the primary options for Social Media sites. My conclusion was that I could spend my time for entertainment or for developing business.  Very soon I further clarified Social Media for me which was that I wanted to know if Social Media was a valid tool for building a profitable business.

Social proof that Social Media is an effective tool for building a business is Manifest Mastermind. The time line from business idea to business launch was four months. This actually could have been shorter if we would have been able to allocate more financial resources to it.  We spent a lot of professional time and very little cash in developing this business.

When possible I would advise others to outsource more but we proved that a business could be successfuly launced with very little money.

Social Media Blueprint:

This is a top level summary of the  Social Media Blueprint I recommend. This is  based on my actual experience with Manifest Mastermind:

1. Have a clear definition of what you want and why.  Are you using Social Media for business or pleasure?  If you intend to use Social Media sites for developing  business there will and should be pleasure because Social Media is about developing relationships with people interested in who you are and what you are doing. 

2. Identify what Social Media sites are best for your business. Actually this is fairly easy with the top three sites for business being Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  There are an ever increasing list of social media sites. Start with the ones that have the market. LinkedIn is growing fast and can be another one that is important for you going forward. 

3. Form relationships with those most likely interested in that what you are doing.  I am sure you have heard the advice to define your target market. This is no different. How do you find your market on Social Media sites? There are several ways. A primary one is doing research on: who is talking about your business topic (Twitter); who is joining groups related to your business (Facebook); and, who is adding video content related to your business (YouTube).  I advise a filtering approach. Invite people into your world and then invite them into a network focused on your niche business. 

4. Ultimately you must capture those with an interest into your own list. We use traditional Internet Marketing guidance on bringing people to our list and then offering value to demonstate why they benefit from spending money with us. 

Next Steps:

Manifest Mastermind’s business purpose is to help others create their own success stories. Success stories happen in the areas where people are clearly focused on a prioritized list of their own dreams. Dreams fall into three main categories: financial, health and relationships.  They are never mutually exclusive. Our guidance is based on The Law of Attraction and the Mastermind Principle.  Guidance is developed with experts advising us on particular topics.

We are expanding our reach in Social Media and we are soon launching our small group mastermind program. Every business model on line and off is based on one foundation principle: traffic and conversion.  We are extending our traffic building model beyond Social Media. However, Social Media remains an integral part of our business development strategy.

Sharing with all my readers the energy of peace, happiness and abundance

Steve Pohlit
The Profit Expert 

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Business and Economic Mastermind Offers Solutions

I have been intently studying Mastermind Power as it is a major component of a business I launched recently. The following story seems to be about how a mastermind generated the ideas that brought the US out of the Depression in the 1930’s. It is far more than that story. See if you don’t agree.

I have read Think and Grow Rich and I am still reading it. I am paying more attention to it than ever. I didn’t know that Napoleon Hill was asked by the President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt to help the country in crisis.

Is the United States and world economy in a crisis? I think the mood is negative and that is my concern. Notice Napoleon Hill says that he wrote Think and Grow Rich to keep is mind positive with chaos all around him.

History can have great lessons if we pay attention.  Key lesson, form you mastermind group. If you need a place to start you are welcome at Manifest Mastermind.

Sharing with all my readers the energy of peace, happiness and abundance

Steve Pohlit

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Steve is the President of International Business Consulting Resources. His firm specializes in guiding companies to rapid increases in revenue and profits with a sustainable growth rate. Don’t miss my FREE Report: How To Make More Money With Your Business Now and Long Term

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