PricelessTime is priceless.  We all know that. We also know it is the quality of time.  A friend of mine going through a rough time wrote ” I thought it would always last” Nothing does.
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With that you would think  the quality of life while we are here would be a high priority. For many it is not as evidenced by the major health conditions being at epidemic proportions.
What is the cost to you of being sick or worse? Come up with your number. Beyond that how valuable is to you if you do not need traditional medical and pharmaceutical care?
Of course we are not  making  any claims. With that, we have a lot of social proof. If you were at the meetings I attend, on the calls and webinars that I join then you would meet the people whose health conditions are turning in a very positive way.
There is no other company that has the equipment that can see the blood flow real time in our capillary system. For that reason the messages sent regarding what the device does that I represent for blood flow is completely supported. Claims by others are just that. Once I watched the videos of before and after blood flow and the effect on blood cells and organs I knew that is what I want my insides to look like. I did not intend to have a close relationship with doctors and hospitals for some medical condition.
The FDA medical device  is incredible technology.  I can  share a lot more if you call or email me with your level  of interest.
Be well,
Be healthly.
Be safe
Steve Pohlit

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