The 74% Is Not A Secret – Just Very Few Know About This Extremely Important Part

There are just two main points in this article. Actually with all the extensive information on what I represent, these two items are the most valuable. If you know these two then all else is dressing on the salad. It the two points are not clear to you, message me and I will explain then I will look at follows because they must be clear. They are that important.

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In busness a person who has more than 50% ownership has control. Mathematically, 74% is almost 50% more. Do you follow how significant that is? Test this with some friends, family, colleagues or others. Ask them one question which is: what percentage of our body’s circulatory system or blood flow system is a result of our heart, arteries and veins?  Discover for yourself that most people will answer 100%.

Up until late September 2015, like most I thought it was 100%. I thought the heart’s job was to pump blood through 100% of my body. Then I learned there are about 74,000 miles of capillaries in our body that are so thin our cells can only travel through them in single file. It is impossible given the size of our heat to pump blood through these 74,000 miles of capillaries. So what does?  In 1998 three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering the mechanism for moving blood through our capillaries. Google it.

This information is not secret but is not widely known because the micro vessel system or capillary system which is 74% of our circulatory system does not have any nerve endings. What does that have to do with anything? A lot actually because there are no pharmaceutical drugs that influence the 74%. Nearly all education therefore is on the 26% that can be influenced by prescription medication. That is primarily why you don’t know. The doctors are not taught this and so most are not focued on it and the drug companies have nothing to advertise that will influence this system.

Each one of our cells needs oxygen, nutrition, water and the ability to eliminate waste. This applies to the cells in our capillary system – the 74%. With that it is important to know  what causes the blood flow to slow down. This is because when the blood slows down cells cannot get all the nutrition, oxygen, water they need and they are not able to process waste as intended. That is when health conditions start to develop. The symptoms of those conditions that are measurable may have been developing for a long time. Aging, stress, unhealthy consumption of food and drink, exposure to chemicals and toxins, exposure to damaging signals from cell phones, wifi and more are the major reasons. All of us are aging and all of us have experiences with the othe factors.

Are you beginning to understand why there is a health crisis in the US and world? To be clear people are exposed to an increasing number of factors that have an adverse affect on the blood circulation and think the solution is in a lotion, supplement, drug or some other remedy. The reality is when when the blood flow is impared anything that is applied or taken cannot reach the cells. What is needed it for the circulation to be restored.

There is only one thing that has a signficant influence on the circulation system including the 74%. That one thing is the medical device  I represent. That is a very strong claim. It is backed by the real time pictures of the blood circulating in the capillary system. No other product or device can make the claim because no other product or device has the equipment to measure the efficacy of what they sell. The company I represent does and the claims of so called competitors has been refuted hands down by the research. There simply is no comparison.

If you have followed this information then you are likely raising your hand wanting more information or you are saying I have enought and I want your help Steve to proceed.. If you are not raising your hand then you either don’t believe this information or you feel you are healthy. The information is totally true and the company supports it.  As for being healthy I simply ask how do you know since you cannot see and measure the 74%. There is one more thing you might be asking and that is what is the investment?  Wrong question. The question is what is the return on investment? My very conservative estimate is 58% in 6 months or less.

Steve Pohlit

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